Health & Safety Travel FAQ

 Last updated April 2023. All information is subject to change.

Our goal is to keep all trip participants and staff safe and healthy, while ensuring you have the best Honeymoon Israel experience possible. This document is intended to address questions related to cancellation and travel requirements, COVID-19, and safety and security in Israel.

Please read this document carefully and contact us at with any additional questions.


Please review the following information carefully to ensure you understand the requirements around trip cancellation and travel and personal health insurance.

What is the trip cancellation policy?

After you submit your registration and payment, the trip fee is deemed non-refundable and any cancellations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Your travel insurance should cover cancellation. 

Do I need travel insurance coverage?

Yes, Honeymoon Israel requires that each participant obtains travel insurance prior to departure. If you want to include the “cancel for any reason” benefit to your policy, you will likely need to purchase it within 21 days of submitting your trip fee. 

What should travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance should cover trip cancellation, health coverage, COVID-19 quarantine costs, luggage delays, and flight delays/cancellations. Honeymoon Israel will not review your trip insurance, so it will need to cover the items above as HMI can not be responsible for any additional costs incurred due to incorrect travel insurance. When discussing coverage options, you may indicate the cost of the trip as $2,900, plus any additional fees paid, if applicable. 

Can I pick my own travel insurance provider?

Yes, you can select your own insurance carrier. If needed, HMI’s travel vendor does provide an option for insurance: Travel Insured International. Please reach out to for inquiries about this plan.

How does travel insurance work?

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with your plan to understand coverage and reimbursement requirements in the event that you get sick, test positive for COVID-19 during travel, or experience another travel disruption. Each participant is required to bring a printed or digital copy of their policy to the airport on departure day.

Can we change our flight tickets and extend on the front or back end of the trip? 

Participants may have an option of extending/deviating from the group flight before or after the trip, but it is subject to availability and not guaranteed. If you want to upgrade your seats and/or add personal travel before or after the group trip, the deadline to do so will be shared with you in advance; due to the nature of group travel, if you miss this deadline you will not be able to make changes later. Otherwise, you and your partner will be booked in economy seating on the group flight to and from Israel. Any changes you choose to make will be at your own expense and may incur change fees.


COVID-19 travel protocols continue to shift frequently, both in the United States and in Israel.  We will adhere to all of Israel's COVID-related protocols and have instituted additional layers of protection for our participants. Guidelines are subject to change, and can do so rapidly.

What are the current requirements regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters, and testing to travel to Israel on an HMI trip?

  • Vaccinations/boosters: HMI requires participants to be vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to 14 days before departure. The following vaccines are recognized by HMI: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Novavax. Everyone is encouraged, but not required, to receive booster doses as recommended by the CDC.

  • Testing: 

    • HMI requires participants to take an antigen (rapid) COVID-19 test within four hours of their airport check-in time and provide the negative results at the airport. HMI does not cover this expense so please plan in advance.

    • If any additional testing is required during your stay in Israel, HMI will provide antigen (rapid) tests. If you require a PCR test, we can help coordinate testing, but do not cover this expense.

  • Masking:  HMI may require participants to wear a mask during air travel to Israel and while indoors in HMI group settings in Israel, depending on case rates in the US and Israel or for any reason HMI deems necessary. The trip masking policy will be confirmed prior to your trip.

What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 before the trip?

If you test positive within 5 days of the trip, you will not be permitted to travel. If you test positive 6-10 days before the trip, you will be permitted to travel if you are symptom-free, have been fever-free for 24 hours, and did not experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing during your illness. You will be asked to wear a mask around others.

What if I recovered from COVID-19? Can I join a trip?

You must be fully vaccinated by HMI's requirements above, in addition to being recovered from COVID-19. Every participant is required to take a COVID antigen test within four hours of departure, regardless of whether they’ve had COVID-19 recently. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last three months and are symptom-free, please bring proof of your previous positive test should you continue to test positive on the pre-trip test or while in Israel.

What will happen if COVID-19 impacts travel restrictions to Israel?

HMI will alter trip dates if travel restrictions or rules impact our ability to conduct the HMI trip with the highest levels of trip quality and safety. The HMI team will be in communication with you and your partner from the moment you register for your trip. If something occurs that impacts our ability to travel for any reason, we will be in touch with you directly and share alternative options as necessary (i.e. refunds, alternative trip dates, etc).

What happens if someone presents symptoms and tests positive for COVID-19 while on the trip?

HMI staff, working with our travel partners, are prepared to support any participant with COVID-19. If a participant tests positive for COVID-19 while on a HMI trip, a five-day quarantine is required with day 0 being the day of symptom onset. If they have no symptoms, day 0 is the date of the positive test. Participants may rejoin the group after day five if they have been fever-free for 24 hours. Strict masking will be enforced in indoor settings. If the five-day quarantine extends beyond the trip dates, participants can work with the hotel to extend their stay and with Traveland to rebook their flight.  

If an individual requires medical attention, Israel has an excellent medical system with hospitals throughout the country. HMI staff will transport individuals to nearby medical facilities if needed, based on the severity of illness, and we can arrange to bring doctors to the hotel. If an individual tests positive and needs to enter mandated quarantine, participants will be responsible for any upfront costs for accommodation, food, or related costs and should submit expenses to their travel insurance provider for reimbursement.

Safety and Security

We ensure that all groups are following the most updated safety and security guidelines in Israel. We work with experienced, accredited, professional tour guides and trip operators who have access to the most up-to-date security information, and our trip itineraries are reviewed continually to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Yes. The safety and well-being of participants is our primary concern and the first priority of HMI. HMI staff and our partners in Israel are in constant contact with Israel’s security services and all itineraries and activities are safe for HMI participants and all tourists visiting Israel.

What happens if violence escalates during the trip?

In the event of an escalation of conflict or any threat of violence, HMI will not hesitate to change the itinerary and/or take any other necessary precautions. HMI’s travel partners in Israel are in constant contact with Israel’s security services who have responsibility for the safety and security of all groups in the country.

Will staff members accompany us throughout the trip?

Each HMI group is led by a Tour Guide & Educator and accompanied by two staff members from the group’s city of origin. Additionally, if needed, HMI provides security personnel with groups during portions of the trip.

How will we get around Israel?

You will travel together as a group on a designated tour bus.

Has Honeymoon Israel ever had any security issues?

No. In seven years of operations with more than 100 groups, Honeymoon Israel has never had any security issues or incidents.

My loved-ones in the US are worried about me traveling to Israel. Will they be able to reach me during the trip?

Yes. Wi-Fi is generally available on buses and available at all hotels. We recommend that participants purchase additional international cellular coverage or a SIM card in order to stay in contact.